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Lady Manning Bridge

The bridge was built in 1924 during British colonial rule. The bridge was named Lady Manning Bridge in honour of the wife of William Manning, the British Governor of Ceylon. It was the oldest and longest iron bridge in Sri Lanka. On average 10,000 vehicles crossed the narrow, single lane bridge daily. Accidents on the bridge would lead to traffic problems in the area.

Batticaloa's singing fish legend is associated with the bridge. In 1954 two American priests from St. Michael's College, Batticaloa, Rev. Fr. Lang and Rev. Fr. Moran, recorded fishes singing under the bridge. The recording was broadcast on Radio Ceylon in the 1960s.

-The Tale of Singing Fish-

The phenomena of Batticaloa "Singing Fish " has far too long been keep t under wraps and in the back wood where in fairness on a would admit, that it has been by succeeding government . Hardly even a few local. Inhabitants are aware of this phenomena where far from being a fable or fiction. Its a solid fact, where this phenomena which has the potential to be a huge tourist draw lies prostrate in rip van winkle slumber

Listen to BBC Radio 4 Programme about Singing FishListen to BBC Radio 4 Programme about Singing Fish